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This is the Unofficial Tears For Fears Wikia that was created by a fan for non-commercial and educational purposes only. In addition to the rules that have been set out by there are some rules that I think MUST be followed.

  • NO PROFANITIES OR OTHERWISE FOUL LANGUAGE PLEASE: Curt has children, one of whom is very young, and they may wander in here.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO PORNOGRAPHY OR IMAGES THAT ARE INAPPROPRIATE FOR SAY AN OFFICE SETTING If you post this stuff I will find out who you are and I'll ban you.
  • CURT AND ROLAND'S PRIVATE LIVES ARE JUST THAT......... PRIVATE!! No trash talking their wives and absolutely no discussion about their children is allowed in this wikia. I do not feel that it's appropriate to talk about things in Roland and Curt's families.
  • PLEASE DON'T UPLOAD ANY PICTURES THAT YOU DIDN'T TAKE YOURSELF! This is copyright infringement and is punishable by banishment from this wikia.

    Didn't your parents teach you guys any better?

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